Sash Window Repair

sash window repair

Sash window repair: A few simple interventions will make an immense difference.

Sash window repair can be easily carried out by a skilled and competent sash window technician.

Timber sash windows are wonderful features to have in a property. They add character and charm, which modern windows do not. They can be easily maintained – without professional help – with periodic inspections and servicing.

Some of the work required to maintain or restore a timber sash window will require an experienced technician such as one of Advance Glazing’s window technicians. However, most sash window repair jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently.

For instance, a sash windows that rattles or is drafty in most instances can be rectified in a short space of time. This will make an immense difference to the energy efficiency and comfort of your home or building.


Typical sash window repairs

Advance Glazing’s sash technicians can undertake any necessary sash window repair including restoring the box sections, hardwood sills, outer linings, glazing beads.

Rattling & drafty sashes

A build up of dirt in sash frames can cause rattling sashes. If this is the case, our team will remove the sashes, then strip out any build up of dirt from the weight recesses. They will also use this opportunity to check the box sash frame thoroughly for any rot or other potential problems.

Rotted sash and frame sections

If  rot is discovered in any part of the sash or frame, there should be no need for concern, as  we will expertly cut away the rotted section of timber, and carefully repair the damaged section by seamlessly replacing it with pre-treated timber to match the original.

Pulleys & weights repairs

If the pulleys are still in place, they are checked for suitability. Where missing or damaged, we will replace them with new units. Our team will check the original lead weights and sashes, before rebalancing them.

Sash and frame painting

When painting, we carefully remove paint from each sash to bring it to its raw state. It is then treated and made ready for priming and painting. Each sash is protected from moisture during the painting process. All window furniture is checked for reuse or replaced as required with the approval of the client.

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