• Sash Window Replacement Dundalk by Advance Glazing

    Sash window replacement

  • Sash Window Replacement Dundalk by Advance Glazing

    Sash Window Restoration in Dundalk showing feature window baluster machined by Advance Glazing

  • Sash Window Replacement Dundalk by Advance Glazing

    Extensive deterioration on sash window

  • Sash Window Replacement Dundalk by Advance Glazing

    Damaged sash window

Sash window replacement Dundalk


Advance Glazing was contracted to replace 17 sash windows and improve the energy efficiency of this house, as unfortunately the windows were beyond repair on this family home on the outskirts of Dundalk. The windows date back about 100 years from when the house was originally built.

The Brief

The team manufactured 17 mahogany sash windows with Slimlite double glazing (Low E, made with Pilkington Glass) for greater energy efficiency. One bespoke feature, that was on some of the original windows was newels.

The Work

Before the new windows were installed we sympathetically removed the paint from the original in-situ frames to see the extent of deterioration. We salvaged what elements could be saved and seamlessly replaced matching sections where needed. We replaced the replaced the newels with new newels machined by our team.

We treated the timber. Then, we repainted the frames in Colourtrend period paint by . And after repairing the frames and pulley systems, we installed the new sashes and  rebalanced the pulleys to carry them. The frames and sashes had been draught-proofed with a custom draught proof brush system, giving the client the double assurance of Slimlite double glazing and draught-proofed, and sealed windows that do not rattle.

The project time on this was just two weeks. And, we were able to minimize disruption to the client.


Can Slimllte double-glazing be installed or retrofitted in to any sash window?

The Slimlite system is ideal for most sash windows as it is as it says slim and light. However, not all sashes can take it. Some sashes are too narrow or not strong enough to support it. However, the system is so light that this is an extremely rare occurrence. Also, while double glazing can be installed in most period buildings, it is essential to check with the conservation office in your local authority before starting work.